I’m using an Icom IC-9100 for VHF and UHF operations, including the optional UX-9100 module for 23cm and both optional roofing filters. Tough it’s equipped with the UT-121 D-star add-on I never really use this. For digital communication I prefer DMR with my Hytera PD-785G portable. For (V)HF operations (including 50 and 70 MHz) I’m using an Icom IC-7100.
For portable and transverter operations, the Yaesu FT-817nd is in use with LZ5HP transverters for 13cm. For mobile use a Kenwood TM-D710 (VHF/UHF) with APRS. For remote operation I’m using an Icom IC-7100 with Remote Rig equipment with the antenna mounted 140 meters in height in the Hilversum TV-tower.


28 IC-9100  – 100 Vertikal
50 IC-7100  – 100 2el Moxon
70 IC-7100  – 50 2el Moxon
144 IC-9100 MVV 144 VOX 100 9el LFA
432 IC-9100 MVV 432 VOX 75 19el LFA
1296 IC-9100 MVV 1296 VOX 120 40-el yagi
2320 FT-817+LZ5HP TRV MVV 2400 VOX 75 15 dBi grid
5712 ATV transmitter  – 15 27 dBi grid
10 GHz ATV receiver LNB RX 30cm dish


For VHF/UHF I use an Diamond X-5000 vertical (2/70/23). For 2 meters DX there is a 9-elements LFA-antenna. For 70cm a 19-elements LFA and for 23cm a small 15-elements antenna and 13cm i’m using a 120cm dish with ring radiator. For the 10-meter band I’m using a Wilson 1000 Mobile whip mounted on the roof. For the 50 and 70 MHz band I’m using a Moxon antenna. Sometimes, for portable activities, I have some HyEndFed wires. I have both the short version (40/20/10, 11 meters long) and the long version (80/40/20/15/10, 22 meters long).


I’m only using an amplifier for 23cm. This is the Gemini mid-power series SSPA delivering up to 180 Watts of power. The legal limit in the Netherlands for bands above 1 GHz is 120 Watts. The amplifier has a sequencer build in based on the W6PQL-design. The LNA’s are from SHF-Elektrotechnik (2/70/23).
The SSPA for 13cm is home-build using an old UMTS-amplifier. This is  good for about 80 Watts op power.


I’m using an Yaesu G-1000DXC rotator. This is designed for a bigger HF-beam so more than enough for my VHF-and-up antenna’s. The rotator is mounted on the flat roof, using a tile foot antenna holder with 4 60*40cm tiles as counter pose. The good thing about this rotator is the ability to turn 450°, with the blind spot to the North (the most uncommon direction from PA). I still have to build a rotator controller.


For PSK, JT65, and RTTY I use a Microham Microkeyer II. This is also my CAT-interface to connect the transceiver to Ham Radio Deluxe v6 for logging. 

Old transceivers

Since I was licensed since 1997 I’ve had many transceivers. Started with a 2m handheld which I later changed for an Kenwood TM-V7 (‘The blue wonder‘) dual-band mobile radio. During the first years I was active with packet radio, starting 1200 baud on UHF. Later this became 9600 baud with an modified Kenwood TK-805 UHF radio.

I can’t remember the complete list of radio’s I owned. But here is a try: Albrecht  RL-102 (VHF handheld), Kenwood TM-V7, Kenwood TK-805, Several Motorola’s (MX3000, GP-300, MTS-2100), Philips FM1200 (VHF), Condor 16 (VHF 2M, 4M), Condor 3000 (UHF), Icom IC-7700, Icom IC-92D (D-star), Icom IC-746, Yaesu FT-2000d with DMU-2000, Wouxun KG-UX920P.

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