FT8 with WebSDR as receiver

I’ve experimented using a WebSDR.org receiver for FT8, while using my own antenna for transmitting. Reason for this is the S9++ QRN I have on the 160-meter band. The set-up is quite easy. I’m using a Mac Mini in the shack, but it has a Windows 10 Bootcamp partition for regular Ham Radio software.

  1. Install Virtual Audio Cable (run the installer as Administrator)
  2. Reboot your machine
  3. Install the AudioPick extension in Chrome
  4. Tune the WebSDR to 1840 kHz.
  5. Select ‘CABLE Input’ as output device in Chrome
  6. Select ‘CABLE output’ as input device in WSJT-X

Keep in mind that there might be some Hertz difference in your Transmitted audio and the received audio via the WebSDR. On the University of Twente WebSDR this seems to be less than 10 Hz. My Icom IC-7300 isn’t locked to 10 MHz.

The next step should be programming a CAT-splitter to enable the WebSDR to run synchronous with the IC-7300. I haven’t found a way to do so. For digimodes on a single frequency, like FT8, this isn’t really important but could be handy.

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