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New house: Welcome back VHF UHF SHF

A view to the north from the 2nd floor. Antennas will me +10 meter?

I’ve bought a new house and will be moving over end of september. The good news: It has a┬ábig, flat roof to put my VHF, UHF and SHF antennas on top of it. The other good news: The 3 story high building itself is about 9┬ámeters in height, but it’s on top of a hill …

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New QTH, new shack

Today Lucas (PD0LVS) and Ron (PA4RVS) drove to Hoogland to view my new house and helped me out to put the loop back on the tripod in the garden. The hours before I was busy unpacking my equipment to build a new shack. All the basics are there and the big question was: How was …

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