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November 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Only worked 3 hours. 36 QSO’s in 21 grids. ODX: SQ7POM (716km). Problems with the amplifier let me run only about 4 Watts power. Results: 3th place in the Netherlands.

Second VUCC award (144 MHz.)

Thanks to yesterdays’ tropo conditions I was able to complete QSO’s with OE3NHW in JN88 and SP6RGB in JO71. Both QSO’s are confirmed today via Logbook of the World (LoTW) and now I’ve got my 100 Maidenhead squares confirmed on 144 MHz. It was tough! It took me about 2 years to achieve this one. …

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IARU Region 1 – 144 MHz contest

Didn’t have much time. In total 50 QSO’s. ODX: GM4ZUK/P, 734 kilometers.

VUCC (144 MHz) update, June 2019

The more maidenhead grids you collect, the more difficult it gets. While I’ve collected enough grid squares for the 50 MHz VUCC via LoTW I’m still in need for the last 17 on 144 MHz. It should be doable all via tropo using SSB or FT8 (of Meteor Scatter during the september Perseids shower). Anyone …

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IARU R1 50/70 MHz contest (part 1)

This weekend the IARU Region 1, 50 and 70 MHz contest took place. For the first hour I was trying to work some local hams in FT8 VHF-contest mod since this is an allowed mode in the contest. and worked some UK stations via Tropo. Then for about 1,5 hour I worked some stations in …

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May 2019 NAC contest on 432 MHz

Due to a lack of time I was only in the shack for about an hour to work 12 stations. ODX was SK7MW (764km) as always. I worked 10 grid locators.

May 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Only worked 3 hours. 37 QSO’s in 20 grids. ODX: SK7CY (639km). My result: 3th place in the Netherlands

May 2019 VHF/UHF contest

Spend some hours in the shack. The (temporarily) results (I wasn’t active on 1296 MHz this weekend):

April 2019 NAC contest on 1296 MHz

Only worked for 1,5 hours. 8 QSO’s in 7 grids. ODX: SK7MW (617km). I had to run low power due to the IC-9700 Power Overshoot. 🙁

April 2019 NAC contest on 432 MHz

The most remarkable tonight were the very poor conditions. I was able to work Dan (OZ1BEF) as usual, but with 55 signals maximum, with the help of airplane scatter. Normaly his signal is always 59+. Another stations further away that should always be workable is SK7MW but tonight I didn’t hear the Swedish club station, …

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April 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Only worked 2,5 hours. 25 QSO’s in 17 grids. ODX: SQ6POM (716km). My result: 4th place in the Netherlands. It could be the last NAC with the FT-817 since the IC-9700 will arrive today. If this Icom doesn’t have the ALC / Power overshoot like all Icom’s have, it should be safe to feed the …

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DAC and contest prices 2018

144 MHz: 1st place QRP section432 MHz: 1st place QRP section1296 MHz: 1st place QRP section144/432 MHz: 2nd place C-section (up to 100 Watt)

March 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Only worked two hours. 28 QSO’s in 18 grids. ODX: GD8EXI (705km). My result: 6th place in the Netherlands.

March 2019 VHF-UHF-SHF Contest

Active on 144, and a bit on 432 and 1296 MHz in the C-SO-LP class.Temporary results: 1st place 144 MHz, 3th place 432 MHz and 3th place 1296 MHz.

Februari 2019 NAC contest on 432 MHz

36 QSO’s in 20 grids. ODX: GI6ATZ (791km). My result: 2nd place in the Netherlands.