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Going topbands with new loop

I like my I3VHF loop, like Wimo sells it as Baby loop. It has full coverage between 6,5 and 30 MHz and provides me with the 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter band. I can work around the world in digimode (JT65) with it and there aren’t many day’s I can’t work …

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Got loop?

After weeks (months) I finally found some time to test the Wimo / I3VHF / Ciro Mazzoni loop-antenna for the 40 till 10-meter bands. First QSO was with UA9MMC in JT65 on 20-meters, resulting in -13dB reports.

No MFJ-1788 loop, welcome Baby-loop

Forget my post about the MFJ-1788 loop. One day after ordering Wimo mailed me that the unit was not in stock and the re-supply was on the 21st of June or later. They offered a full-refund. I mailed back, asking if they could do anything with the price of the Baby loop. The aswer was no …

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Another new antenna: MFJ-1788 loop

I should stop ordering stuff. Really. The antennes I’ve ordered a month ago aren’t in yet (shame on you vpa-systems.pl) but today I’ve ordered an MFJ-1788 loop-antenna for the 40-15 meters band. Let’s see how this works, in particular on 40-meter, where my day-to-day QRM is always S9 till S9+10, thus quite unworkable. Now wait a …

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