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RSSI value on MotoTRBO

After the Hytera ‘hack’ to show the RSSI value, there is also a possibility to do this on Motorola MotoTRBO equipment. It’s quite easy. Press the left arrow 3 times followed by pressing the right arrow three times. That’s it.

Entering Hytera service menu

Some Hytera models have a hidden service menu. This will display some more information. Most useful is the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) value giving detail about the real quality of the received signal.  I’ve tested this on the MD-785G, PD-785 and the X1p. Entering this menu can be done by pressing some buttons in …

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Hytera (crossband) repeater

Take two pieces of the Hytera MD785 and build your own (crossband) repeater. No logic, just a simple cable with 4 resistors are needed. Works with FM and DMR of FM to DMR or the other way around. Keep in mind that when using a DMR-DMR repeater, audio will be converted to analog first causing …

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PI1AMS view

The view from PI1AMS, DMR-repeater Amsterdam.

Car burglary

I’m going to miss you, Hytera X1P 🙁 Bastards!

Build your own Hytera cable

When you own a Hytera DMR transceiver you need an optional cable costing 35 euro to program your transceiver and/or to upgrade the firmware.  In my opinion, programming cables should never be an option. You can spend the 35 euro to buy one, or spend about 5 euro to make one yourself. The self-build version …

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Hytera X1p: First impressions

I’m currently testing the Hytera X1p portable DMR-transceiver. The first thing you’ll notice is the size. The transceiver is small, just like an iPhone 5. With the standard battery the portable is only 21mm thick. Still, the set has a full keypad and nicely coloured display to show the status, channel, battery level, etc. On …

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Preparing DMR-repeater

I’m busy preparing a new DMR-repeater. The exact location is unknown but having a look at white spots in the coverage maps from the current repeaters most-likely it will be somewhere in the Northern part of the Netherlands. The repeater is the Hytera RD985 so it will join the HYT-network. Currently there are 3 options …

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Going digital with DMR

After D-star there is DMR. Not that I’ve used D-star much but just want to give new techniques a try. Yesterday I’ve ordered a Hytera MD785G. This is a mobile UHF-transceiver for both analogue FM and DMR. Ideal as a second set for the local repeaters since the 2nd VFO of my Icom IC-9100 is …

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