Last week we’ve reconnected the 220 meter high accesspoints in the Gerbrandy tower. Tough I’m not able to physically see the tower since it’s 31km away from my home (I can see the PI2NOS tower 16,3 km from my home) I accidentally discovered the Gerbrandy signal (PI1UTR) on HAMNET is 5 dB louder then the …

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The HAMNET connection is live. It’s not VPN based, but radio based on 5 GHz. I’m using an Ubiquiti Nanobeam M5-400 with 40cm dish to have enough gain towards the TV tower located about 16km from my home. Line of Sight is (just) availlable which is mandatory for a 5 GHz connection. The dish needs …

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Hamnet.nl website

Since yesterday, hamnet.nl is live. This website shows the building activities of a Dutch HAMNET.

Building first HAMNET link

Yesterday, Mischa (PA1OKZ) and I went to the tower in Hilversum to do some maintenance on PI2NOS. We took time to mount the first HAMNET-dish directing to PI1AMS / PI1RYS in Amsterdam-West (25km). The dish is located indoor behind a window about 110 meter HAAT. The Amsterdam site will be 55 meter HAAT. Line of …

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HAMNET hardware is in

Last week I’ve received the first hardware to do some comparisons between several wireless links we’re going to roll out in 2015 to create a HAMNET-backbone in the Netherlands. For testing I’ve ordered a Ubiquiti Nanobeam M5 with 40mm dish (25 dBi) and a Mikrotik SXT Lite5 set. Both operate on 5 GHz only and …

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Moving over ampr.org IP-space

Last week some Dutch hams¬†(PA1OKZ, PA4TW, PE1CHL, PE1RJV and me, PH4X)¬†moved over the legacy IP-space to a gateway in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Formerly announces by the University of San Diego in California, ping-times were becoming problematic since more and more repeaters with real-time applications used this tunnel. Moving over the IP-space from San Diego …

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HAMNET Netherlands kick-off

Meeting where the PI2NOS repeater is located

Last week we had a nice meeting about the roll-out of HAMNET in the Netherlands. Attendees were Paul (PE1RJV), Lucas (PD0LVS), Rob (PE1CHL) and me. We all have our specialties when it comes to networking, IP, DNS, etc. With this small team we should be able to make fast progress… We already found a network …

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