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QRT for now…

As you’ve may have noticed: the last QSO is long time ago ago. Due to personal circumstances and more due to a lack of time I wasn’t active the last 2 years and won’t be for the upcoming time.

The 2020 VHF+ Contest results

The 2020 VHF and higher contest results are published. New is the EU FT8 Contest started on Januari. Soon afterwards VERON also started the Digital Dutch Activity Contest (DDAC) on Wednesdays. The year 2020 was a bit rare due to the Covid-19 breakout. But also a storm that broke my antenna mast. A new mast …

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Contest results August 2020

Good to be back after some months without antennas. Last weekend I was a bit active during the 144/432 MHz ‘VERON Summer Contest’ to test the antennas. There isn’t much activity in this contest so the results are minimal. I’ve made it to the 4th place overall in PA. During the 1st Tuesday 144 MHz …

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Almost there…

Today I’ve put the rotary mast in and mounted the 144 and 432 MHz beam. I lifted the mast up for now, but the pre-amps and cabling still need to be connected coming days. Hope to be back on the 1st weekend of August in the contest and the NAC/DIGI contest beginning August. And do …

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Mast progress

This weekend Klaas (PC2K) and I were busy on the roof. The mast base is in place now. Today I’ve replaced the old ventilation chimney with a more descent cable passthrough. This one is 12cm in diameter, so enough to fit all cables. If time allows the rotary pipe will be mounted next Wednesday. The …

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New mast on the roof

Last week the new mast is lifted in the roof by a multi-crane who was working nearby. Thanks Peter! The old mast(parts) are gone and antennas removed. Now I have to find to remove the gravel on some places, put 33mm thick rubber mats and then we can lift the mast on the permanent place. …

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New mast is build

The new antenna mast is (custom) build and in. We’ve made a base of 150x100cm with 4 60*40 tiles as ballast. On the base there are 4 extensions of 200cm with a 60*40 ballast box. The base has a 150cm mast which is tiltable. Such is quite unseen for a flat rooftop mast. But with …

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Antennas down

Since half februari, my antennas are down. The mast couldn’t handle the 3th storm in 2 weeks time. I have to rebuild the flat rooftop base. This will take a couple of months. I didn’t have time for it yet due to my vacation in Florida and when returned, the Corona spread had some consequences …

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January 2020 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Didn’t really work much UK stations. Finished early. In total 31 QSO’s in 20 different Maidenhead grid locators. ODX: GD0AMD/P with 701km.

First FT8 contest on 144 MHz

Today, the 1st monthly FT8 contest on 144.174 MHz was held. This contest will take place every 1st wednesday of the month between 17.00-20.00 GMT. On the 2nd wednesday of the month, the contest will be held on 432.174 MHz. Goal of this new contest is to promote (FT8) activity on the 144 and 432 …

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The 2019 (VHF-UHF) contest results

It’s the end of a year. Time to have a look at the results from the different VHF and UHF contests in my country. Dutch Activity Contest (Monthly evenings)I was active during all 144 DAC’s, most 432 DAC’s, some 1296 DAC’s and very rare on 50 or 70 MHz (since these are on thursday and …

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Great end-of-year Tropo openings

For the last days I’ve enjoyed the tropospheric propagation. Stations in EA were easily workable on 144 and 432 MHz. Lot’s of stations are active in FT8 these days on 144.174, 432.174 and even 1296.174 MHz. The cherry on the cake was a QSO with Stevie (GJ6WRI) on both 144 and 432 MHz, being active …

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December 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Reasonable tropo. I’ve made 57 QSO’s in 25 grids. ODX: SQ7POM (716km). Problems with the amplifier let me run only about 4 Watts power. Results: 3th place in the Netherlands.

November 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Only worked 3 hours. 36 QSO’s in 21 grids. ODX: SQ7POM (716km). Problems with the amplifier let me run only about 4 Watts power. Results: 3th place in the Netherlands.

FT8 with WebSDR as receiver

I’ve experimented using a receiver for FT8, while using my own antenna for transmitting. Reason for this is the S9++ QRN I have on the 160-meter band. The set-up is quite easy. I’m using a Mac Mini in the shack, but it has a Windows 10 Bootcamp partition for regular Ham Radio software. Install …

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