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23cm receiver PI6NOS

I’ve build an extra 23cm receiver for the regional 23cm repeater system PI6NOS in Hilversum. Building was quite straightforward. Just take a Raspberry Pi, an RTL-SDR stick and connect it to an antenna (using a band-pass filter not to overload the RTL-stick with crap). The repeater system is based on an svxlink controller so just …

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Hytera (crossband) repeater

Take two pieces of the Hytera MD785 and build your own (crossband) repeater. No logic, just a simple cable with 4 resistors are needed. Works with FM and DMR of FM to DMR or the other way around. Keep in mind that when using a DMR-DMR repeater, audio will be converted to analog first causing …

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Fixing PI3ASD interference

Santino (PD8S) called me to help ┬ásorting out a problem at the new PI2ASD and PI3ASD repeaters. PI3ASD is causing interference on a TELE2 microwave link. Tough this link works on 13 GHz, the modulator has a baseband working on 140 MHz +/- bandwidth. The PI3AMS repeater is just in the middle of that band, …

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PI1AMS view

The view from PI1AMS, DMR-repeater Amsterdam.

Adjusting Cavity filter

Today I’ve been working on the Cavity duplex filter for the new DMR-repeater. The exact frequency is yet unknown but I assume it will be 438.3125 MHz for the output and 430.7125 MHz for the input, which makes a -7.6 MHz shift. I’m the lucky owner of a Rigol DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz – …

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Preparing DMR-repeater

I’m busy preparing a new DMR-repeater. The exact location is unknown but having a look at white spots in the coverage maps from the current repeaters most-likely it will be somewhere in the Northern part of the Netherlands. The repeater is the Hytera RD985 so it will join the HYT-network. Currently there are 3 options …

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