GlobalQSL_logoI’m using GlobalQSL to send out batches of QSL cards if needed, tough my normal policy is only to reply cards since I’m not a collector. GlobalQSL works quite easy. Just upload your (ADIF) logfile, select QSO’s to be confirmed and they’ll print and send them in batches direct to your local bureau once every three months. For pricing that’s quite equal with regular suppliers of QSL-cards. With two main differences:

  1. You can track QSL online in your inbox, to see what’s upcoming
  2. Cards are send direct to your local QSL bureau so it saves some months time

Your online QSL inbox to see what’s upcoming.

If you don’t have an account yet, I’d suggest to create one at to see if any cards are waiting for you. The only thing missing is some pre-paid system where you can send money to GlobalQSL and they’ll send the QSL direct once every other month or so, so you still have to rely on your (slow) local QSL bureau. A good example of this is the incoming QSL bureau of ARRL where you just send SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Enveloppe) and they’ll send your cards direct to you with a certain interval.

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