Last week we’ve reconnected the 220 meter high accesspoints in the Gerbrandy tower. Tough I’m not able to physically see the tower since it’s 31km away from my home (I can see the PI2NOS tower 16,3 km from my home) I accidentally discovered the Gerbrandy signal (PI1UTR) on HAMNET is 5 dB louder then the PI1NOS signal only halve the distance.

I turned the antenna permanent. The link looks stable with about 40 Mbit/sec bandwidth, using 5 dBm power in a 40cm dish (25 dBi gain), which makes 1 Watt EIRP in total. The ISM limit for outdoor Wifi in the Netherlands. This looks very promising since we’re busy rebuilding the PI6ATV repeater with output on 10 GHz.

I wrote an article in Dutch on HAMNET.nl.


    • Jaap Schekkerman on 22/04/2017 at 15:47
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    Hello Randy,

    Let’s introduce myself. My call sign is PA2JSA and my name is Jaap.

    I am also living in Amersfoort Nieuwland (JO22QE47QJ) about 1.2 km south from your location and I am QRV at HF, VHF, UHF and SHF with stealth antennas and I recently I have bought a Mikrotik LHG5 Routerboard to connect to Hamnet at PI2NOS.

    However at my location I experienced that it is hard to receive PI2NOS due to my high around 5 meter and some houses at about 50 meter. So I checked other connections and could easily receive PI4AMF-PH4X which is at your location.

    So my questions is, is there a possibility to connect to your location which just configured as PRTB at 5180Mhz but could be possible configured as APRTB so that it is possible to access Hamnet.

    I discovered the PI4AMF coverage from your site which is completely north, while I am located a little bit more south. So the coverage to the south is very limited when I look at the HamnetDB map.

    Let me know your thoughts and or advice how to connect to Hamnet regarding the possibilities.

    Kind regards,


      • Leo Thissen on 29/10/2019 at 13:55
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      hallo om,
      gehoord rond 1350 uur 29-10-2019 op QO-100.

      m.v.g. PA2LEO

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