Icom IC-9700 Inside Pictures

Today, Robin (G1MHU) posted some pictures on Facebook. Embedding the pictures doesn’t work but follow this link to see them. Looks like Icom already added a foam block on the TCXO for stability. But. There is enough room to add a heater, cooler, whatever inside the box.


    • peter on 19/04/2019 at 20:17
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    tnx 73

    • W3CJK on 30/04/2019 at 11:23
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    Icom 9700 worries.

    I have 9100. Use for eme. I was going to replace it with 9700 which arrives this week. Drift issues worry me. Will JT65 not decode?

    Sounds like ALC overshoot is livable. I only need 15 watts to drive my amp.

    Does dynamic range matter in real world of VHF/UHF where normally only signal is heard at a time?

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