Icom IC-9700 Power overshoot

Damn you Icom. Again, and again, and again. Yes. Alse the IC-9700 is equipped with the famous ‘power overshoot’ or ‘ALC overshoot’ issue most modern Icom transceivers have. Apparently Icom can’t get a grip on this issue. Bad news for people using transistor based amplifiers (SSPA) in SSB mode.

Since the IC-9700 had a ‘TX PWR LIMIT’ function, setting this to 7%* will prevent the amp from going in protection mode. The bad side is that the amp only running about 50% of the effective power.

* In my case I’m using a Gemini 2-500 amp with 4W drive level requirement. If your amp needs 10W input, raising the 7% to [try something like 13%] the value you need. And no. 7% does not mean 7 Watts, thus overloading. The value (percentage) isn’t linear. Measuring the (avg) output will tell you.


    • Steve G4HTZ on 17/04/2019 at 16:32
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    I also use a IC-9700 with a Gemini 500 …and get no problem at all with tripping or overshoot ..mines set for 25w drive .

    Maybe worth changing the input attenuation on the Gemini .

    Several respected reviewers have stated there is not an overshoot problem on the 9700 .

    Good luck revolving the problem
    Steve G4HTZ

    1. Hi Steve,

      It’s worth trying, but I also have the problem on 23cm where the max 9700 output is 10 Watt and the input 8 Watts (tough limited).

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