Moved HRD database to MySQL

HRD_logoLast week I’ve moved the Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) database from the internal Access to a MySQL database. Since more and more QSO’s are being logged Access became quite slow. Since a MySQL server was already running on my servers in the datacenter switching to MySQL was a logical step.

To transfer the database from Access to MySQL I’ve used the freeware tool Bullzip MS Access to MySQL. After installing the MySQL OBDC driver this was quite a straightforward operation. The only issue I had was the HRD database. Seems like after the upgrade from HRD v5.x to the (paid) version 6, the location changed.

HRD v6.x location: C:ProgramDataHRDLLCHRD LogbookHRD My Logbook.mdb
HRD v5.x location: C:UsersxxxAppDataRoamingSimon Brown, HB9DRVHRD LogbookHRD My Logbook.mdb

The next step would be to create some queries and a WordPress plugin to automatically update the DXCC and WAS counter on the upper right pane on this weblog. To be continued…

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