My second certificate

When I logged into eqsl,cc, a second certificate was waiting for me. It shows up that 50 countries are confirmed by validated members. My first certificate was handed out to me on March 4th, confirming 25 countries so this upgrade went fast.

Still, my goal is to get my first DXCC certificate this year using Logbook of the World (LoTW). Another one wanted is the Worked all Continents (WAC) certificate but i’m still missing¬†Oceani√ę. My (JT65) signal does reach countries like Australia and New Zeeland but due to the QRM on 20 meters (S7+) I’m not able to receive them.

The DXCC counter is on 91 worked countries from which 60 are confirmed digitally via LoTW. I’m missing some easy countries like Belgium and Iceland in the list. Maybe I should make some skeds…

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