Omnirig and the Icom IC-9100

Many software uses Omnirig as gateway to ket their software communicate to the transceiver via regular CAT-commands. Among others, CW-Skimmer is one of them. Unfortunately the Icom IC-9100 isn’t supported yet and OmniRig had no possibility to enter the serial details via a GUI. Instead, for each transceiver a configuration file is needed.

I use CW-Skimmer as cluster spotter during contests. Normally via an SDR radio like the Flex-1500 but since the Icom IC-9100 is my main transceiver I wanted to use this rig to. Contacting the owner of CW-Skimmer (paid software) didn’t really help. But Googling I found a threat on a forum where someone has already created a configuration file. Thanks VK3BQ.


    • Andrew on 09/05/2013 at 00:43
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    Glad I was able to help. Thanks. Andrew. Vk3bq!!

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