The new Icom IC-9700 is in

The frst batch of the new IC-9700’s arrived today at Hamshop. I was the first one to collect mine, ordered back in September 2017 hours after the announcement during the Tokyo Hamfest.

After unboxing I notice the DIN connector is missing. From all Icom transceivers I’ve bought in the past, the DIN connector for accessoires was always delivered (as pitail). Since PTT-out is mandatory for me to control the SSPA I hope to find a suitable connector in the junk box.

  • The transceiver is delivered with firmware v1.04. A newer version (v1.05) is availlable.
  • It has PL259 connector for 144 MHz. I’ll change this to N in the future.
  • No PTT out via RCA. I’ll open up the box soon to see if there is space in the chassis to mount an RCA connector to act as PTT-out to key-up the SSPA.
Let the unbox party begin…
Left: IC-7300, Right: IC-9700

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