Worked All States progress

Somewhere during the summer of last year I started to chase US states for the WAS (Worked All States) certificate. Currently I have 44 out of 50 stated worked, where 40 are confirmed via Logbook of the World. Main mode is JT65 since I can remote operate this via TeamViewer from the office. Secondary mode is CW during contests and sometimes regular Phone. Especially when there are good conditions on the 10-meter band.

Missing states are the far ones: Hawaii and Alaska. The whole West coast is worked in JT65. Some central states are missing to like Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota and Oklahoma in mid-west and Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee in mid-east. Hope to have all states worked in 2013.

Edit 13-Jan: Tennessee (10M CW), Kansas (10M DATA) and Colorado (10M DATA) are in LoTW.

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