Bluestack and BlueDV: Hotspot in a box

Developments for DMR and D-Star hotspots go fast. I already owned a UHF hotspot from PE1PLM which fits on top of the Raspberry Pi. With custom firmware, this also works with MMDVM software thus DMR. A new toy is the BlueStack, developed by PE1MSZ and sold via

Put the DVMEGA (UHF) transmitter on top of the BlueStack, install BlueDV on your Android phone and the unit connects via BlueTooth to your phone and from there to the D-Star and DMR networks. I don’t have to tell you that a USB power pack will give you a full portable hotspot. Nice for the car, on holidays or in the offices. Good work guys!

Update: To communicate via such a hotspot, a transceiver capable of the used DV mode is necessary to operate, the hotspot provides only an access gateway to the selected infrastructure. The hotspot has only one time slot. At the moment, the subscription on BrandMeister is dynamic and valid for 15 minutes.

A complete portable D-Star and DMR hotspot

A complete portable D-Star and DMR hotspot


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    • Ray Jackson on 04/08/2020 at 14:08
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    I have an apple Iphone(POS), and would like to connect my Bluestack with DV Mega via bluetooth on the phone, Do I have to have the Personal Hotspot enabled on my Iphone. I do not have the Personal Hotspot feature enabled on my phone… My plan does not include that feature , or at least they want to charge me 10 bucks a month to an already expensive cell phone plan.
    Ray Jacksonq

  1. […] van David (PA7LIM) en werkt als (portable) hotspot voor het DMR-netwerk. Ook wel bekend als BlueStack. David heeft afgelopen dagen druk gewerkt aan een versie die ook D-Star ondersteund. Vanaf vandaag […]

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