Welcome 13cm band SSB

Since last month I’m QRV on 2302 MHz to, with help from the LZ5HP transverter. Next is to build an SSPA based on ex 3G/UMTS equipment. The modules and 24VDC PSU is there. I only need to find the right heatsink.



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    • Nick on 02/11/2016 at 20:02
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    I will be ordering one of the SG labs transverters in a couple of weeks and very interested in these PA’s.
    Do you know if they are available to the UK?
    Thanks and 73


  1. […] created an bypass in the first stage. The output of the LZ5HP transverter is about 2 Watts and, altough 3 dB to less, enough to feed the second stage. The alternative […]

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