Building Inverted-L

I’m busy building an inverted L antenna. Going about 10 meters up and 10 meters horizontal. This gives me the possibility to work on the 80-meter and 160-meter band, using a CG-3000 tuner. I’m currently using about 2x 12 meters of wire as counterpose. This will be a bit more in the near future, but yesterday I wanted to finish quickly. First QSO’s in CW and JT65 are made on 160-meters and 80-meters.

My first QSO on the 160-meter band. Confirmed via eQSL and LoTW.

My first on the 160M band. Confirmed via eQSL and LoTW.

No more tuning every 3 kHz like I had to do with the Magnetic Loops in the past. I’ll test this setup for some weeks and compare it – in particular receiving part – with the I3VHF Magnetic Loop to see how this is picking up noise from the environment I live in.


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