Half way DXCC-Challenge

Today I noticed I’m half way the DXCC-challenge with 500 band-points. Now that I have access to the 80-meter and (limited) 160-meter band, I hope to achieve 50 band-points on these together before next year. Meanwhile, a worked-indicator in the Logbook shows me new countries per band. I’m still very limited with my antenne set-up (Magnetic Loop before, now Inverted-L) but it’s called the DXCC-Challenge so let the challenge come. 🙂

Meanwhile I continue to build my portable VHF – UHF set-up to be more active on 2-meter, 70-centimeter and 23-centimeters, be it a semi-portable operation from the car on top of a hill (location still to be scouted) during the bigger contests in Europe. Not much band-points to get over here, neither easy band-points but very challenging it is!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.33.08

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