Counting down till IC-9700

In a few weeks from now, the new Icom IC-9700 will arrive. The local HAMShop gave an estimate of beginning 2019. The Japanese manual is ready, but I’m still waiting for a translated English version. I had some questions about the new rig, but most of theme are answered.

  • It does have +12 Volt bias to feed external preamps via coax.
  • It is missing PTT out via an RCA connector.
  • It seems it does not wide-band receive.

Let’s wait for another few weeks till the transceiver, announced September 2017, will arrive to it’s first customers.


    • Sanyi on 09/05/2019 at 21:36
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    Hello my friend! I just got my IC9700. I want it use for EME work with wsjt. I experienced with sorry it has not PTT out signal pin to control another devices in separate RX/TX line. It is very need for me. I want use TX Inhibit signal to be sure that every devices are in RX or TX mode. But if I use the SEND pin to inhibit then I cant it use for as PTT out.

    As I now you are expert in this things so I hope You have any idea or solution for my problems. Is it true …possible?.
    Please let me know if possible any good solution.

    Thanks in advance

    1. You need pin 3 (send) en 2 (gnd) on the ACC1 connector. They will go low on transmit. If you use a tube-amp, put a relay in series between those lines. You can also order a cable:

      Keep in mind, there are some menu settings involved to enable SEND. This can be set per band, eg. 144, 432 and/or 1296 MHz. Unfortunately there is no PTT out via RCA connector, nor PTT-out per band. Some Arduino magic comes in place here in combination with the CAT interface.

      See basic manual, chapter 13 (page 90) for more information.

    • Carl Hasbargen on 30/11/2021 at 05:17
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    Like this person, for EME I want to have my software trigger a sequencer to switch the dish feed Tx/Rx relays from Rx to Tx BEFORE the radio and an external linear amplifier starts transmission… something I could do with TS-2000 but this radio uses the same pin(3) to be triggered itself AND to send out PTT signal to external equipment… very frustrating design when I want the radio involved in a sequence of events.

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