Mast progress

This weekend Klaas (PC2K) and I were busy on the roof. The mast base is in place now. Today I’ve replaced the old ventilation chimney with a more descent cable passthrough. This one is 12cm in diameter, so enough to fit all cables. If time allows the rotary pipe will be mounted next Wednesday. The beam for 50/70 MHz will not be mounted back this year since the sporadic E season is almost over. Remco (PA3FYM) offered to try a 2×8 stack for 144 Mhz and a 2x 13 stack for 432 MHz instead of a single antenna. So the next couple of months I’ll try a stacked setup for those bands to see how the results are. IN particular with local noise on 144 MHz. The 120cm dish for 1296 MHz will stay on a seperate mast for now.

The new mast is in place.
The new cable passtrue.

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