New antenna for PI6ATS

IMG_0491PI6ATS, a locat ATV repeater, has a new VHF-antenne. The operators used an old indoor horizontal loop / halo antenna for audio reception on 144.7625 MHz.

This wasn’t the best situation, since many people had a way stronger signal on 13cm then on VHF, if the repeater could receive a signal (1750 HZ tone) at all.

Next: HAMNET antenne beaming towards the PI2NOS tower in Hilversum so that there is internet for streaming (out or maybe even in) and/or a web-controlled audio- and video switch?

Good to see my old antenne is recycled and has a new life. I’d suggest all ham radio operators to think about their local repeaters by donating hardware or some money to keep things running.

Thanks operators, for keeping PI6ATS in/on the air.

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