Testing the MLA-T

The MLA-T on the front and the I3VHF Baby Loop (7-30 MHz) on a tripod in the back.

After cleaning the garage yesterday, I found the – after one year still boxed – MLA-T Magnetic Loop Antenna. Hope to have time this weekend to test things out. First thing to do is find a good point to fix the coupling loop, since this model has no gamma match like mentioned on the Wimo website.

I found a dip on the 40- and 80-meter band, but then it started to rain. Hope to find the dip for the 160-meter band later on today. Band-switching is done manually by adding or removing shunts. The tuner feeds the butterfly capacitor over coax, so a separate feeding line is not needed. The capacitor is able to handle about 100 Watt PEP. specified in the manual.

Rigol DSA815-TG Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator and VSWR bridgeTuning however, is done manually by pressing the up/down keys on the controller, which makes it a bit difficult to find the resonance point without tools. I’m lucky since I have a spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and VSWR-bridge, but simpler tools like a Rigexpert analyzer are also handy. Without these, it would be way more difficult.

Now, let’s smoke┬áthe soldering iron and build come cabling. If all goes planned, I’ll be QRV tonight when the low bands open. Let’s start with some JT65 and/or CW QSO’s. Hope to post some test results later on…

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    • Leon on 28/12/2015 at 08:50
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    Wondering how is this loop performance on each of 3 band ?


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