Going topbands with new loop

MLA-TI like my I3VHF loop, like Wimo sells it as Baby loop. It has full coverage between 6,5 and 30 MHz and provides me with the 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter band. I can work around the world in digimode (JT65) with it and there aren’t many day’s I can’t work Japan or the States. Even worked Australia and New Zeeland with it. I’m only missing the 160 and 80 meter band.

I don’t expect to go around the world with the new loop, sold as MLA-T and manufactured in BTV in Czech but it should give me lots of DXCC points throughout Europe and it would be great if it could go across the Atlantic to the United States, Canada and some Latin-America countries.

The antenna should arrive next week and tough the topbands season is over and we’re awaiting the Sporadic E season to start, I’m curious about the results of this antenna. This is basically the only thing I can use since my garden is not that big. Meanwhile, this weekend is the time to build something for the 6-meter band. I already have a dipole and the Comet V-2000 vertical but want to try a delta-loop antenna and hope to catch less noise.


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  1. Heb je de loop al binnen en aangesloten? 73, Hans.

    • Lloyd Kubis on 06/10/2014 at 14:42
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    Hi Randy!

    Now that you have had your MLA-T Loop for a couple of months, how do you find it’s performance?

    Would you buy it again??

    I have seen several articles on this antenna but never a good review as to how it performs.


  2. The loop is still boxed. I’ve tried to use it indoor, but couldn’t get a match. Reflection might be the case on the attic. Still have to give a test to this one, almost a year later… Not that spring and summer is the best period to test low-band antennas, but the weather is getting better. Unless someone is willing to test it for me and lives nearby. Time is the issue in here.

      • spanishham on 11/12/2015 at 17:07
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      ive got one several indoor magnetic loops, one of them is the MLA-M (just 10W)
      MLA-M and Inac AH 521 match difficulty without an extra coupler, using it they match well any of the bands they are designed for

      i live in an attic too and the roof is not precisely made of wood 🙂

      the only time ive matched magnetic loops without extra coupler is using MFJ 936 using a loop with optimal length for the desired band (as indicated in the provided instructions) always using coper tube for loop legths up to 2m (diameter) and thickest multiwired copper wire for biggest loops (for 40m band)

  1. […] I found the – after one year still boxed – MLA-T Magnetic Loop Antenna. Hope to have time this weekend to test things out. First thing to do is find a good point to fix the coupling loop, since this […]

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