Peter (PA3PM) started to do some experiments with the ADALM SDR. This type of SDR is available for about $100 and capable of transmitting and receiving – even full-duplex – between 70 MHz and 6 GHz with a bandwidth up to 56 MHz. It’s capable to make DVB-S (and DVB-T) transmissions out of the box.

This week I’ve received my box. Within half an hour I was capable to produce an image on the PI6ATV repeater using the 1265 MHz DVB-S input and an old webcam. This is done with the native 0 dBm (1 milliWatt!) output of the SDR connected to my 120cm dish. I do have to note that there is a line of sight with the Gerbrandy tower more than 30 kilometers away.

Next is to amplify the signal using some RA18H1213G modules (18 Watt FM, 3 Watt DVB) on 23cm or some 3G modules still on stock for 13cm. And… more important, to filter the signals since the SDR will create harmonics.

B5 picture using 0 dBm over 30km+ distance

B5 picture using 0 dBm over 30km+ distance

Technical specs:

  • Separate RX and TX connector
  • 12 bits DAC/ADC
  • USB2 interface
  • 65.1 kSPS to 61.44 MSPS (200 kHz to 20 MHz signal bandwidth)
  • 325 to 4 GHz tuning range (70 MHz to 6 GHz after ‘mod’)
  • Runs Linux with an open design. 2 Second boot time.
  • 32 MB of Flash, 512 Mb of DDR3 memory
  • Only 72 parts on the board, thus cheap
  • Better RF than AD9363 specs
  • Highly linear broadband transmitter
    • Transmit (Tx) error vector magnitude (EVM): −34 dB
    • Tx noise: ≤−157 dBm/Hz noise floor
    • Tx monitor: 66 dB dynamic range with 1 dB accuracy
  • 2.4 Hz local oscillator (LO) step size
  • NO RF Shielding, NO RF Filtering. Use a low-pass filter!
  • Linux IIO interface: USB, Ethernet, Mass storage, Serial, DFU
  • Also capable to act as USB Host device
  • Very easy firmware update. Drag, drop and reboot. (and pray…)


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    • Pe1jb on 05/02/2019 at 14:52
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    Waar is de plutoadalm te koop.

    1. https://nl.mouser.com momenteel 129 euro incl. verzending.

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  2. […] Enkele zendamateurs zijn de laatste weken erg actief met de ADALM Pluto SDR. Deze SDR kost nog geen 100 euro en is geschikt om DVB-T en DVB-S(2) te maken. Een computer, wat software en een webcam zijn, naast een antenne voor 23cm of 13cm, voldoende om van start te gaan. En hoewel de SDR slechts 0 dBm (1 milliWatt) vermogen levert, lukt het meerdere amateurs om ruim 30 kilometer te overbruggen richting de digitale ingang van PI6ATV waaronder PA3PM, PE9RX en ikzelf, PH4X. […]

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