The 2019 (VHF-UHF) contest results

It’s the end of a year. Time to have a look at the results from the different VHF and UHF contests in my country.

Dutch Activity Contest (Monthly evenings)
I was active during all 144 DAC’s, most 432 DAC’s, some 1296 DAC’s and very rare on 50 or 70 MHz (since these are on thursday and I have other obligations on that day). The 2019 results are:

50 MHz: 5th place in the Netherlands
70 MHz: 3rd place in the Netherlands
144 MHz: 5th place in the Netherlands
432 MHz: 2nd place in the Netherlands
1296 MHz: 6th place in the Netherlands

Contest weekends
In the first (full) weekend of march, may, juli, september and october the weekend contests are held, mostly throughout Europe. I ended up 2nd place in the C-section, which is for stations active on both 144 and 432 MHz with a power up to 100 Watts (low). In the D-section (microwave, single operator) I ended up 9th. This makes sense. The 23cm band is just there as extra and I don’t have other microwave bands available. I don’t participate in the november Marconi contest.

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