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Antenna 6 meters higher

Today I’ve mounted the new tripod and portable aluminium mast on the roof. The HF-antenne is about 6 meters higher now. Total height will be around 10 meters from streetlevel. The tripod is fixed on a planter with enough weight so it won’t tilt over. And it it becomes stormy here, 5 miles from the …

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No MFJ-1788 loop, welcome Baby-loop

Forget my post about the MFJ-1788 loop. One day after ordering Wimo mailed me that the unit was not in stock and the re-supply was on the 21st of June or later. They offered a full-refund. I mailed back, asking if they could do anything with the price of the Baby loop. The aswer was no …

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Programming Baofeng UV-5R

I’ve ordered a Baofeng UV-5R to do some experiments using a Raspberry Pi to encode an audio stream. Today I ran against some issues programming the device. Using a Wouxun cable which has the same pin lay-out as the Baofeng (Kenwood compatible) and installing the latest driver the problem was that when reading out the …

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Another new antenna: MFJ-1788 loop

I should stop ordering stuff. Really. The antennes I’ve ordered a month ago aren’t in yet (shame on you but today I’ve ordered an MFJ-1788 loop-antenna for the 40-15 meters band. Let’s see how this works, in particular on 40-meter, where my day-to-day QRM is always S9 till S9+10, thus quite unworkable. Now wait a …

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Ordered some new antennas

Dual-band antenna. An Moxon for 28 Mhz and 2-element for 50 Mhz. Boom=1,5 meters, total width=4 meters.

This week I’ve ordered some new antennas. A dual-band Moxon antenna for 28 Mhz with a 2-element antenna for 50 Mhz. A simple antenna to make, but I’m just to lazy for that. besides that, I’d rather spend my free time on something else than cutting aluminium. I simply can’t stand it and get rash …

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New website:

(Dutch only). De afgelopen dagen ben ik bezig geweest met de lancering van, een website die een overzicht moet geven van verschillende nieuwsbronnen voor de Nederlandse zendamateur. Dit kunnen special event stations zijn, nieuws van Agentschap Telecom of van de verenigingen. Ik ben deze website begonnen omdat er eigenlijk nog geen soort initiatief is. …

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Combine HRD and Cloudlog

In my last post I mentioned migrating the Ham Radio Deluxe database from Access to MySQL. The next step would be to replicate the table from my desktop to the server in the datacenter. Browsing around in GitHub today I noticed a nice project: Cloudlog. Tough the application isn’t being developed the last year, one …

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Moved HRD database to MySQL

Last week I’ve moved the Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) database from the internal Access to a MySQL database. Since more and more QSO’s are being logged Access became quite slow. Since a MySQL server was already running on my servers in the datacenter switching to MySQL was a logical step. To transfer the database from …

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New toys: Icom IC-7700

Since last weekend I’m the proud owner of an Icom IC-7700. This rig is a trade-in of the first owner who bought an Icom IC-7850. offered me the chance to test the rig a few days – in particular the filtering – to see how it handles the PowerLine noise caused by my neighbors. The …

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New DXCC: Iraq

After you’ve part the first 100 DXCC it’s get more complicated to work new one. With tools like JT-Alert in combination JT65-HF and the DX-cluster in combination with Ham Radio Deluxe v6 (which shows new and unconfirmed DXCC in the cluster) you have nice help. Yesterday I’ve worked Iraq and today it’s been confirmed via …

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Mixed WAE certificate

Worked All Europe

Mixed DXCC certificate

Worked All Continents

I’ve already worked all continents but never requested the WAC certificate before. The main reason for this is that you can’t apply with LoTW credits. You need to have paper QSL. Via the DARC Contest Logbook however, had the possibility to import both eSQL (AG) and LoTW credits and you can apply for the certificate over …

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I’m using GlobalQSL to send out batches of QSL cards if needed, tough my normal policy is only to reply cards since I’m not a collector. GlobalQSL works quite easy. Just upload your (ADIF) logfile, select QSO’s to be confirmed and they’ll print and send them in batches direct to your local bureau once every …

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Nice QSL card

I’m not a collector of QSL cards and prefer LoTW. But sometimes you need them for let’s say IOTA and WAC certificates. Some QSL’s are clear and simple, some very shine. I like the card received today from Australia: VK3BM.