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DAC and contest prices 2018

144 MHz: 1st place QRP section432 MHz: 1st place QRP section1296 MHz: 1st place QRP section144/432 MHz: 2nd place C-section (up to 100 Watt)

Again good tropo to Spain

Today, there is good tropo propagation to Spain, again. Last time activity went up in FT8 on 144 MHz, this time stations also moved to 432 MHz FT8. Spain is a new DXCC for me on 432 MHz. Also one new grid already confirmed via LoTW on 144 (EA1MX in IN73). Loud signals from stations …

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March 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Only worked two hours. 28 QSO’s in 18 grids. ODX: GD8EXI (705km). My result: 6th place in the Netherlands.

March 2019 VHF-UHF-SHF Contest

Active on 144, and a bit on 432 and 1296 MHz in the C-SO-LP class.Temporary results: 1st place 144 MHz, 3th place 432 MHz and 3th place 1296 MHz.

Februari 2019 NAC contest on 432 MHz

36 QSO’s in 20 grids. ODX: GI6ATZ (791km). My result: 2nd place in the Netherlands.

Februari 2019 NAC contest on 144 MHz

39 QSO’s in 22 grids. ODX: SK7CY (639m). Good to hear that Conrad (PA5Y) is back. My result: 3th place in the Netherlands.

WSJT-X: Error Loading LotW Users Data

When startin WSJT-X v2.0, an error is shown saying: “Error Loading LotW Users Data”. Dit is due to Windows systems not hndling Intermediate CA’s correctly when retrieving the LotW user data file thats been served from a secured website. The solution is simple. Start WSJT-X and click on file -> Open log directory. Than, manually …

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Counting down till IC-9700

In a few weeks from now, the new Icom IC-9700 will arrive. The local HAMShop gave an estimate of beginning 2019. The Japanese manual is ready, but I’m still waiting for a translated English version. I had some questions about the new rig, but most of theme are answered. It does have +12 Volt bias …

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Good Tropo to Spain

Today, very good Tropo conditions appeared which led to good activity on the 144 MHz. FT8 frequency. I was able to work multiple stations in Spain. Al stations where 1.000+ kilometers away. Since Spain is new for me on 144 MHz. this brings the total DXCC worked on 25. Total grids is now 73 in …

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November 2018 NAC contest on 144 MHz

Terrible conditions towards the UK. Stopped early. 35 QSO’s, 15 grids, ODX: SK7CY (639km).

October 2018 NAC contest on 1296 MHz

It could be the Dutch Worked all Provences award, so many Dutch stations were QRV tonight. Amongst them some new stations, including Tonnie (PA3GLL) from Losser, which made his first QSO’s tonight on 23cm. Welcome! In total I counted 15 Dutch stations and worked 12 of them. I didn’t really spend time on the ON4KST …

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Half way VUCC award

The most difficult VUCC award to get is obviously the 144 MHz one. For 50 MHz one summer with Sporadic E should be enough to fulfill the 100 maidenhead grid locators one. For 432 MHz, 50 grids are enough, for 1296 MHz only 25 locators are required, for 2330 MHz only 10 and higher bands …

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October 2018 NAC contest on 432 MHz

Very good tropo conditions towards North-East. On 144 MHz I worked stations 1580km away (see this post). During the NAC, I managed to work 55 stations in 27 grid locators. ODX: SE6R (JO58RG) 779km and ended up as best Dutch station tonight. I think for the first time ever during the 432 MHz NAC. Since …

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Monster tropo conditions

This evening there were outstanding tropo conditions. Monster tropo, as I like to call it. While running the Nordic Activity Contest on 432.190 MHz, FT8 was running aside on 144.174 MHz. The ‘new grid’ and ‘new country’ alerts sounded when LY2J (1200km) in Lithuania was visable. We had a 2-way contact. Later on, the same …

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IARU Region 1 432 and up

432 MHz: 57 QSO’s, ODX 723km 1296 MHz: 18 QSO’s, ODX 467km Noise is becoming a problem on 432 MHz to. I ran the contest without pre-amp on 23cm. This was very noticable. On Sunday I quickly build one and used this indoor. The Icom IC-9100 is somewhat deaf. I expected more participants from the …

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